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August 05, 2019
Come join us at SMALLSAT 2019 – Utah State University at Booth 177 and learn about Semioca’s fifty years of space legacy supporting  power product offerings aimed at meeting the critical requirements for smallsat programs. Semicoa will be showcasing its most recent diode product offering.  See you there!

Semicoa Offers Next Generation Superior Diode Product Line for Spacecraft
March 4, 2019
Semicoa a premier supplier of radiation hardened power semiconductor products, today announced a new family of all-ceramic packaged diodes specifically designed to withstand the rigors of space applications. The new UMC1 surface mount package meets or exceeds any diode in its class. The planar… Read more →


We pride ourselves on our proprietary scalable technology  and processes. We develop our own modular processes  which integrate into our foundry partners’ manufacturing flow, ensuring our products meet the highest standards in high reliability and radiation tolerance [JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANSR and JANSF].

We can provide the following documentation in support  of QPL and/or SCDs:

• Traceability to wafer and/or diffusion run
• SEM wafer acceptance
• Radiation Lot Acceptance
• Customer source inspection at specific Operations
• Selected electrical performance characteristics
• Special screening and burn-in
• Real-time X-ray
• PIND testing
• Custom packaging and plating
• Baselines and milestones
• Special quality acceptance criteria
• Special documentation
• Fine and Gross leak testing – Krypton 85
• Environmental Testing


Semicoa’s mission is to supply high reliability semiconductor devices to our customers that conform to their specifications and delivery requirements.

Semicoa is a leader in the design and development of bipolar power devices for high-reliability military, defense, aerospace, and space applications.

Quality and high reliability are the cornerstones that military, aerospace and space applications are built upon. In many instances, there’s absolutely no room for error. These critical industries require a partner that they can trust to deliver time after time.

For 50 years, Semicoa has been Trusted Everywhere.  Semicoa specializes in the manufacture of discrete silicon semiconductors focusing on small signal transistors for military, aerospace and space industries globally. The design, development and wafer fabrication operations are located in Southern California.

The company achieved the highest U.S. government qualification (JANS, MIL-PRF-19500, Space Level) for the production of electronic components and is AS9100C with ISO9001:2015 certified.

Its leading edge manufacturing facility performs discrete and hybrid assembly utilizing innovative techniques and processes. High volume production is performed on dedicated assembly lines to reduce cost and increase throughput.

Semicoa constantly expands product, equipment and production capabilities to meet the growing demand of its customers for high reliability and Rad Hard products.


Products and Technology You Can Count On When You Need It Most

Semicoa is the leader in the design and development of discrete semiconductors for high-reliability applications in the military, aerospace, and space. Read more >>

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