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Electronic applications in defense, aerospace, and space markets require greater levels of performance and reliability than conventional semiconductors can support.

Semicoa offers high-reliability semiconductors and services that conform to the exacting quality levels of MIL-PRF-19500. Semicoa has the most stringent Radiation Hardness Assurance Program (RHA) in the semiconductor market and has set the benchmark for qualifying RHA devices. We offer the largest selection of small signal and RF small signal transistors for demanding military, space and high reliability industrial applications. All devices are hermetically sealed in metal cans or ceramic packages. All products are also available in die form for hybrid circuit applications.

Devices as specified by Source Controlled Documents (SCD) are manufactured, screened and tested to customer requirements as specified in the SCD. The SCD product may be direct derivatives of existing MIL-PRF-19500 devices on which SEMICOA already holds qualification, or they may be custom designed devices. They may be a blend of our total device and package capabilities including die and packages that are not part of our standard Qualified Parts List (QPL) offering.

Semicoa has developed a Rad Hard By Design Bipolar Transistor Technology that can be applied to either NPN or PNP devices to improve the total dose hardness of the device to a minimum of 300 Krad with excellent wafer-to-wafer and lot-to-lot uniformity.

Semicoa has introduced all of its Rad Hard Bipolar Transistors at JANTXV quality level plus the guarantee of radiation hardness. Due to the enhanced methodology used by Semicoa to qualify RHA products, all RHA devices qualified for JANS are also qualified for JANTXV in accordance with MIL-PRF-19500. Currently all of Semicoa’s 46 Rad Hard Devices are qualified to both JANTXV and JANS RHA requirements.

Semicoa is now offering Surface Mount, Low Dose Rate (LDR) Total Dose qualified Bipolar Transistors tested at 10 mrad/s and characterized for the effects of displacement damage. Low Dose Rate (LDR)  transistors, marked in accordance with the new Rad Hard Assurance letters designated for LDR; E (30 Krad), K (50 Krad) and U (100 Krad) are available.  All of Semicoa’s products can be qualified for LDR and marked as High Dose Rate part numbers, Low Dose Rate part numbers, or Customer part numbers.

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