We pride ourselves on our proprietary scalable technology  and processes. We develop our own modular processes and manufacturing flows, ensuring our products meet the highest standards in high reliability and radiation tolerance [JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANSR and JANSF].

We can provide the following documentation in support  of QPL and/or SCDs:

  • Traceability to wafer and/or diffusion run
  • SEM wafer acceptance
  • Radiation Lot Acceptance
  • Customer source inspection at specific operations
  • Selected electrical performance characteristic
  • Special screening and burn-in
  • Real-time X-ray
  • PIND testing
  • Custom packaging and plating
  • Baselines and milestones
  • Special quality acceptance criteria
  • Special documentation
  • Fine and Gross leak testing – Krypton 85
  • Environmental testing
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