JEDEC, Reno 2018

May 29, 2018

Semicoa is delighted to announce that Chris Velador, Vice President, has won re-election to the Chairman’s position of JEDEC’s JC-13.1, Discrete Devices, Subcommittee.  The election further cements Semicoa’s leadership and illustrates our dedication to the military and space programs standardization efforts.

John Park, President, also noted Semicoa’s leadership role in JC-13.4, Radiation Hardness: Assurance and Characterization, by Brian Triggs, Director and overall support by Marizon Dianda, Quality Assurance.

Semicoa has supported JEDEC for over 20 years and listed below is a description of the JC-13 subcommittees regularly attended.

JC-13.1 Subcommittee:  Discrete Devices

Provide technical support and recommendations to the Department of Defense (DoD) concerning environmental and electrical test methods and procedures for discrete solid state electronic components.  This subcommittee also develops quality assurance programs and methods.

JC-13.4 Subcommittee:  Radiation Hardness: Assurance and Characterization

Maintain liaison between component manufacturers, users, and government agencies on all issues related to the radiation hardness assurance and characterization of solid state devices. All considerations of specifications, standards, methods of testing, and other technical issues related to the behavior of solid state devices in a radiation environment are within the scope of this subcommittee.  The subcommittee promotes uniform standards, methods, and specifications acceptable to manufacturers, users, and government agencies through the solicitation of technical help and advice from appropriate experts.  The subcommittee provides a forum where manufacturers’ capabilities can be discussed.  

JC-13.7 Subcommittee: New Technology Evaluation and Method Development

Provide technical evaluation, quality and reliability assurance, and screening/qualification test method development for new technologies with respect to rugged or harsh environments for new or emerging electronic devices for use in Military, Aerospace, Space, or other special use applications.

The next JEDEC Meeting will be held in Columbus, Ohio, beginning on September 24th at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown.