Semicoa Works with Agency to Establish Laser Marking Guidelines

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Semicoa, a trusted supplier of high reliability discrete semiconductors for avionics, aerospace, space and defense applications, has completed an extensive seven month research and testing program for advanced technology relating to laser marking of hermetic packaged discrete semiconductor devices.

“This is the finest marking I have ever seen on a device.”

With quality and reliability being the key factor in determining which equipment should be used for establishing guidelines, Semicoa made their choice based on providing the cleanest symbol formation, far above the competition tested.

Quality assurance is measured through Semicoa’s new non contact microscope using a method that results in highly accurate depth measurements, without physical damage to a specimen. It provides adjustable measurements utilizing a high definition camera and external monitor. This system is being used as a Process Monitor for every production lot marked by the new system to ensure stability and consistency in the marking depth.

The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime (DLA) will be establishing new MIL-PRF requirements for device marking. The new guidelines will address the penetration of certain layers during the marking process. Semicoa used these upcoming guidelines in the decision to purchase new marking equipment and provided the DLA with test results and samples.

This equipment demonstrates a step-function improvement in legibility even on the smallest outline discrete semiconductor packages. As one unidentified source from a major government contractor stated after viewing Semicoa’s initial tests, “This is the finest marking I have ever seen on a device.” Semicoa was granted unrestricted use of this equipment by DLA and began shipping all product utilizing the new laser and measurement equipment in September, 2014.

“Semicoa has always strived to be a trusted partner with our customers and government agencies,” stated John Park, President of Semicoa. “We have a strong commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering defect free product, on-time in an environment committed to continuous improvement to support mission critical applications.”

About Semicoa

Founded in 1968, Semicoa Corporation is a trusted supplier in the design and development of bipolar, power devices for high-reliability military, defense, aerospace, space and commercial applications. Semicoa facilities achieved U.S. government qualification (JANS, MIL-PRF-19500, Space Level) for the production of electronic components and are also ISO9001: 2000, and AS9100: 2009 Rev C certified. A strong U.S. and global sales, marketing and distribution network supports its Southern California based design, development and wafer fabrication operations. For more information visit


John Park, President