Semicoa’s RHBD “Rad Hard by Design” Product Evaluated by NASA

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Semicoa, a trusted supplier of high reliability discrete semiconductors for avionics, aerospace, space and defense applications, has developed and qualified an innovative Rad Hard By Design (RHBD) Bipolar technology that has solid and proven JANSF (300 Krad) performance that can be applied to all NPN & PNP type devices to achieve the same performance.

“The new 2N2222 device showed no ELDRS at 10 mrad(Si)/s up to a total dose of 100 krad(Si).”

Semicoa has already qualified six devices in package and die form to the requirements of MIL-PRF-19500, and they are all listed on the Governments Qualified Parts List (QPL) at JANSF (300 Krad). NASA/Goddard is currently testing Semicoa’s 2N2222A RHBD bipolar junction transistor for the effects of Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS). Dakai Chen, Aerospace Engineer of NASA Goddard commented; “The new 2N2222 device showed no ELDRS at 10 mrad(Si)/s up to a total dose of 100 krad(Si).”

The RHBD Program maintains the same die layout and retains the vertical profile of the junction doping and depth. The devices will meet all of the MIL-PRF-19500 Slash Sheet requirements (DC, AC, Thermal, Capacitances, etc) and must meet radiation levels using Semicoa’s Enhanced Acceptance Criteria, which exceeds the requirements of MIL-PRF-19500. Semicoa’s Enhanced Acceptance Criteria, the most stringent Rad Hard Program in the semiconductor industry, provides a level of assurance above that required by most space and military programs. Most Rad Hard products are tested with a larger sample size (typically 11 per wafer) and the Group D parameters and deltas must meet the slash sheet requirements using statistical assurance at the 0.99/90% level.

John Park, President of Semicoa stated, “Semicoa has a strong legacy and heritage in the area of radiation effects in discrete semiconductors. Our approach represents Semicoa’s longstanding comprehension of our customer’s requirements along with continued investment and unwavering commitment to customers. Semicoa will focus its capabilities to better serve its growing customer community with emphasis on U. S. manufacturing capacity, engineering resources, customer service, sales support, and assembly and test activities”.

In the next few months Semicoa will perform Displacement Damage and Low Dose Rate (ELDRS) characterization of this technology. Semicoa will also work on a program-by-program basis to meet the required parameters for those customers that require additional assurance that is outside of the MIL- PRF- 19500 requirements (additional parameters, different test conditions, higher radiation levels).


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John Park, President